Animal Print Love

Animal Print Love

How do you feel about animal print?

To be honest I wasn’t a fan for a long time, but at some point my taste changed.  Now, in the right situation, I love a good dose of alligator, cheetah, snake skin, and so many more!  Ironically enough, these natural patterns bring great drama into a space!

Here are some ways, that I’ve brought the animal print look into some of my projects!

I made more of a bold statement with these Alligator Skin Panels I did for a local home store in the area….


And of course, a cow hide rug (with zebra print) is always a great way to bring an animal print in. Here’s one I placed in the Brisco Living Room.


Of course, you don’t always have to go large scale with animal prints.  I little goes a long way in this instance. This small zebra hide adds a touch of tribal to this African Inspired Dining Room….


And below, a snake skin runner was the perfect addition to this Rock N’ Roll Dining Room!


Yep, I am definitely a fan of animal prints and patterns these days!  You can definitely expect to see more of it popping up in my designs! 🙂 Happy Tuesday Friends!

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