Anthropologie Window-Seeing Dots

Anthropologie Window-Seeing Dots

These windows are at the Tulsa Anthropologie. Because of their width, they are always a challenge to design. Both time and budget are issues that I have to think about. In these windows, I wanted to do something that emphasized/celebrated how horizontal the space was. I also wanted to do something that felt airy and light. I decided to achieve that with string and cut paper dots.



I like how the right and left sides of the window are inverted (on the right the layers move from front to back and on the left they move from back to front). I also created dimension in the space by placing each color of dots on a different plane.

This window was also supposed to have a more sophisticated feel. I think the color palette of coral, gray, gold, and white really helped to achieve that. I really love these colors in interiors as well!




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