Anthro’s Sea Inspired Windows

Anthro’s Sea Inspired Windows
Probably my favorite part about working at Anthropologie was creating the window displays. My store had such a huge window space. . . there was incredible opportunity to make an amazing statement! And that’s what Anthro and what I am all about. . . eye catching, jaw dropping, inspiration giving designs!
Have you seen the new “sea inspired” windows Anthros all over the US are sporting right now? Many of them chose to focus on a coral like display, but there were some that went with a little different approach. Let’s take a look!


This store in Alexandria, VA went with a coral reef look. The hodge podge of different “corals” could look like a big mess, but it doesn’t. It is incredible. I could only wish for a little more color.

This window in Troy, Michigan opted for an oversized coral-like look.
I love how delicate and light the pieces look. Very nice job indeed.
This store in Indianapolis, Indiana decided against coral and instead inspired with a school of jellyfish.
In Princeton, NJ, the store’s artist created a huge octopus sculpture. Not my favorite display, but still very impressive!
Of course New York has some amazing displays to drool over. This window in Upper East Side store has another incredible coral feel. . . plus a fun hanging chandelier of sorts.
I also found this coral made from q-tips and wax to be particularly inspiring! 🙂
For those of you wondering. . . every Anthro store display is different. Each store has their own in-house artist (called the Display Coordinator) who is in charge of creating the amazing displays. Anthro comes up with new window concepts every couple of months or so and sends these concepts to each store. Along with the concept comes a few photos from stores that have been asked to take the concept and create prototypes to serve as inspiration for the rest of the stores. Depending on the artist in the store, he/she may choose to copy the prototype or come up with something a bit different.
So, do you like the “sea inspired” windows?! I’m definitely a fan! 🙂

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  1. Robin @ Happily Home, After

    Anthro window displays are always so interesting and often like a puzzle trying to figure out what they cobbled together to create them! I would have never guessed Q-tips dipped in wax for the lovely imitation coral … thanks so much for sharing what those materials are. And I never knew that each store has their on artist / display coordinator who has the freedom to create their own concepts; so unlike other stores where you see associates following a blueprint to set up a display that you would see from coast to coast if you visited multiple stores. I definitely appreciate the expressive aspect of the Anthro displays and that is very congruent with how I view their products as well.


  2. Anonymous

    I love seeing them all, did you find each from a different blog? I’m wondering where I can continue to be inspired by these displays!

  3. K aka The Dandelion Girl

    I saw a lot of these on The Loop — St. Louis never seems to make it on there [I’ve been meaning to take pics of our store for my blog – to show where I work and what I helped with those few days I was given the golden ticket 😉 ] — though I still say our “Dome Home” and our clothespin window were incredibly amazing

    also I think the JellyFish in Indy are my favorite — I grew up there and I think it’s one of the best window displays they’ve had.

  4. Kara Paslay

    Hey K,
    I was really sad to leave Anthro before getting to do Dome Home. . . I thought it was a super cool concept. I would have loved to see a coral window with beautiful, bright, vibrant colors but I am assuming the higher ups wanted the clothes to pop this go around rather than the display.

    Have a great day. . . left a comment on your blog. You should really read that book! 🙂

  5. K

    Dome Home was super exciting (one of my faves ever as I love nooks and that’s essentially what we built in our store around the bed)… and I went on Amazon for the book! I actually do believe in God (how can you not with all the beauty in the world… you know?), but that one area is something I’ve been struggling with for years.

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