Bar Cart Round-up!

Bar Cart Round-up!

It’s no lie, bar carts have been around forever and are here to stay. Funny enough, they actually date all the way back to the 1940’s. With the end of prohibition, the public was ready to celebrate in all things alcohol. Homemakers entertained their guests with ease from a fully stocked bar cart that could be wheeled throughout the party.



They still serve the same purpose today, but extend to hundreds, if not thousands of variations and uses. They are meant to be efficient with space in consideration. Not only that, they just plain look good! The styles have been modified to appeal to any type of home decor from farm house side table to vintage shopping cart and mid-century service carts.

Honestly, to me, they look great in every application! I don’t know that I’ve ever found one that I didn’t like! What about you? Do you love these beauties as much as me?





Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.49.35 PM

I  could look at them all day! 🙂

Friday we’ll share a bar cart makeover that will have you scouring vintage markets with new eyes!  ‘Til then, friends!

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