Beauty + Depth

Beauty + Depth

Welcome back friends!

As you know, telling my clients’ stories with the spaces I design for them is of the utmost importance to me.  How great is beauty really, if there is no depth behind it?

After spending time with Cal and her mother, I learned that this young lady is an incredible gymnast and the sport consumes most of her time and energy outside of school….which is awesome since she loves it! In fact, her mother said Cal probably spends more time walking on her hands than on her feet!  So obviously, it was important that this room celebrated Cal’s passion for gymnastics.  I did this in a few overt ways, but it’s important to me that my spaces are like art and as you spend time enjoying the surroundings, you start to uncover the details that are like treasures waiting to be discovered.  Ha, am I sounding a little crazy? Well, maybe I am…..but to me there is nothing like being in a space that speaks to your soul.

So, can you guess which element in this room is a covert homage to the this little lady’s love for gymnastics???



If you guessed this wall…..


….then you are right!!!!

Anybody still trying to figure it out? Let’s look a little closer…..


Are you starting to see it? All of my rooms are filled with texture and pattern….and this particular pattern was created with repeating silhouettes of a gymnast in a back bendy type position (yes, that’s the  technical term- “back bendy”). 😉  Beauty + depth… favorite combination.


There are endless ways that you can tell your own story within your home.  Don’t forget to make your space as meaningful as it is beautiful friends!! See you Friday!

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  1. Asia

    I love this room. The red and green is amazing yet doesn’t look christmasy. I really love your work although I wish I got to see more of it! I hate that there is more about crossfit than about what updates to your own place. How about that raised kitchen, the loft bed etc. I miss all those posts but your room reveals are still through the roof.

  2. Erin

    love it!! I picked it out right away!! I guess it helped that I’m a former gymnast. :o)

    love the chest under the TV, where did you get it?

  3. Kara

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Asia- updates coming soon! Promise!

    Erin- the homeowners already had that piece and it is from Anthro. 🙂

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