“Beating the Winter Blues”

“Beating the Winter Blues”
Last week I posted a video link to a segment we did for a local news channel about “Beating the Winter Blues.”
Picture 3
Today I thought I would write a post to cover all the details we discussed since I know most of you aren’t able to watch the videos at work. Plus, we’ll be able to expand on our thoughts even more as we write them out!
During the segment, Tim and I identified three changes you could make to your decor to help you make it through this last part of winter.

Tip #1 -Add light! We all know it gets dark a lot earlier during the winter months and for many of us that affects us in a major way. So how do we keep SAD from taking over our attitudes during these dark days?

Add more light to your life. An easy and inexpensive way to do that is to bring extra lamps into your space. Even if your home doesn’t have ceiling fixtures (ours didn’t when we first bought it), everyone can add a lamp. Plenty of people also suggest using full spectrum bulbs in your light fixtures. These bulbs mimic the effect of natural sunlight!

Another tip– If you are currently using dark shades, replace them with white or cream colored ones. The color will not only brighten the space, but the fabric will allow more light into the room.
Photo from Pottery Barn
I love the texture these burlap shades (above) bring to a space, but during the winter months I suggest replacing them for a bright white to bring in a fresh feel!
Picture 27
Photo from West Elm
Tip #2-Add fresh, bright colors!
In the photo below you see a pretty, but icy colored vignette.
The set-up looks fine but if you’re battling winter blues, you may want to go with something like this. . .
With just a few changes, we totally transformed this area of our home. Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison to discuss the changes we made.
1. We replaced the icy blue curtains for some bright coral colored ones- $20
2. We replaced the pillow with something more bold and graphic- $20
3. We added a great floral rug (from Urban Outfitters)- $25
4. Finally, we added a lovely little arrangement of flowers- $10
That’s $75 for some color therapy that lasts for months! 🙂
Probably my favorite way to add color and and “freshness” to a room is with flowers! There is a reason stylists use them in almost every room photographed for magazines. They are beautiful! I instantly get a lift when I walk into a room with fresh flowers. For days after doing this little photo shoot, I would walk into my living room and just smile. Check out these magazine covers and how each of them uses flower power to enhance the photo!
Tip #3– Our last tip centered on the idea that we were created with passions and dreams that we should embrace. We suggested surrounding yourself with decor items that remind you of what you love to do! Here are a few practical ways to do that.
Love adventure and traveling? Use a book of maps to create a wall of artful inspiration!
Nascar or racing fan? Why not use a car hood as a headboard or stacked tires as a side table!
Have a librarian, writer, or english teacher in the family? Wallpaper your ceiling (or wall) with a favorite book’s pages so that inspiring stories are constantly surrounding you!
Regardless of what you love, get creative and figure out a way to embrace that within your decor! Your space really can effect the way you feel, so let’s make sure you’ve got positive vibes flowing!
One thing we didn’t get to cover in our segment (due to time) is the idea of using items that remind you of great people or positive memories. For example, I have items throughout my house that reference my basketball days. Those were wonderful times that I reflect on often. Having a locker room bench in my entry way and lockers in my craft room remind me of fun times on the court and awesome times with teammates.
You may also want to frame Granny Brown’s old hanky or create a piece of art based on a phrase your dad said all the time.
Once again, it’s all about personalizing things so your space speaks to you! So go ahead. . . beat those winter blues!!! )

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    Hi! I’ve been wanting to make a headboard like your galvanized metal headboard (seen on younghouselove) for some time now. Wondering if you could give me the measurements (I have a queen size bed)?? Thank you, thank you, thank you! LOVE YOUR STYLE. me email: lovescole@gmail.com

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