In honor of New York’s Fashion Week I am posting these incredible dresses that I saw on the Today Show. Six student designers created these AMAZING dresses for a contest held by Dylan’s Candy Bar. The most impressive thing about these scrumptious creations- they are made completely from candy!!!

Picture 9

Picture 10

This dress is mainly made up from broken jawbreakers. GORGEOUS- just gorgeous!


This one was created with lots of Laffy Taffy. I ADORE the texture going on here!


This looker was formed with various treats- candy ropes being used the most. Very masculine, very impressive.


This sexy ensemble was stitched together with sour belts, licorice wheels, and jelly beans. I’d totally wear this (with a tube top underneath) out on the town.


This gorgeous gown would make any gal feel like a princess. It is made from: cotton candy, rock candy, jelly bean, and sour belts.


This mod masterpiece is completely different from all the others and is a throwback to the 60’s. It is formed from an assortment of sour belts.


These delicious dresses are completely incredible and I could see them being a source of inspiration for my halloween window display!!! To read more about these dresses, the designers, and the contest, CLICK HERE.

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