DIY “Book” Shelf

DIY “Book” Shelf

This week I am going to go over a bunch of small projects we completed in our upstairs room and end with a big reveal of the entire space. I think it turned out great, but I’ll let you be the judge of that! 🙂

Bookshelves are a staple in most homes, but very rarely do you see the idea taken literally. Today I am going to show you how to make a “book” shelf. It can be achieved in a couple of easy steps!
It all starts with your favorite book (or just one with a really cool title) and the Ekby Bjarnum bracket from IKEA (pictured below).
Simply slide your book into the bracket openings and screw the brackets into the wall. It’s that easy. Now, I found a book that fit my brackets really well, but there are a few ways that you can modify your books to make them work. You can cut your book’s depth or width down with a jigsaw or razor blade. If your book is just a little too thick you can tear out a couple of pages or if it is a little too thin, you can stack multiple books. If you do stack multiple books together you can choose titles that make fun sayings. . . like this
Photo found here
Photo found here
Apparently creating poems out of the titles on book spines is a growing art form. It’s really pretty cool, but that’s another post.
Anyway, here’s how my “book” shelf turned out.
It’s perfect for displaying a special memento or highlighting a specific piece. I chose to put one of Tim’s architectural models on display. I love to create moments in a room that celebrate the person who lives there!
More fun projects to come! Stay tuned!

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  1. Linda Hewett

    Oh how I love what you do! And it was made even better by your choice of bed-side book to feature in the brackets – how perfect for a master bedroom! That’s one of my favorite books 😉 God bless you, and your marriage!

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