Before I decided to take the plunge of starting my own business and designing day in and day out I worked for a company that created themed environments. Most of the work was for children’s areas making them look like cartoon villages, western towns, wild jungles, and more.
The company sent myself and others (including my hubby) all over the USA to design, build, paint, and turn regular ol’ rooms into fantasy lands. As you can imagine, my favorite ended up being a church area that we made look like “Old New York City.” Check out the pics!
There was a “park” in the middle surrounded by all sorts of buildings from a bank to a barber shop.
We couldn’t create New York without adding the Brooklyn Bridge!
Behind the bridge is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G mural that was painted by the owner of the company (he is an artistic genius)!
Yes, that is a real car cut in half! I’m telling you, we went all out!!

I learned SO much about painting, building, power tools, ect while working on these small cities. I plan to share all the tips and tricks I gathered right here on the blog, so stay tuned for insider secrets!
Oh and I’ve got some goodies coming in the form of monster makeovers!! It won’t be long, promise!

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