How to Take Sorry, Scratched Wood to Sleek and Smooth

How to Take Sorry, Scratched Wood to Sleek and Smooth
Remember when I showed you this room last week?
Well, there are a couple of different projects that I want to elaborate on when it comes to this space. Today I am going to tell you about an incredible product that I use to bring tired, old, scratched up wood back to life. This is a photo of the dresser I bought to place behind the sofa before I worked my magic on it.


As you can see it was in pretty sad shape. The lines of the piece were perfect, but its condition was certainly lacking.
Enter my secret weapon!!!
Rejuvenating oils are a great way to totally transform scratched and worn wood. You simply wipe the oil on with a cloth, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe the excess off. It is simply amazing how well this product works. Take a look for yourself!
You can see in this close-up how well the product works on scratches. I started to wipe the oil on the scratch (on the left) and watched it virtually disappear in front of my eyes.
You can see how the scratch is almost non-existent where the oil was placed. The oil also gives the wood a nice luster to make it look, well. . . rejuvenated!
The scratches that were once an eye sore are now almost invisible!!! I’m not sure how this product works. . . but it does! You can also use it to give your wood floors an amazing face lift! Try it out and send me some before and afters! At about $10 a bottle, you will totally save yourself some major mulah people!

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  1. Life On Planet Mum

    Wow, that is so amazing! I can’t wait to try it on a mid century buffet I picked up 2 years ago and it was so scratched up I thought I would have to sand it and rebuff it but this looks like it will make my job so easy. Did you buy it from Home Depot or did you have to get it from a specialty shop? Thank you so much! And I have recently started following your blog, I came by it through Pinterest through the fish scale art tutorial and you are such a talented artist, I am so blown away by your creativity.

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