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How We Make Moving Day Easy | Kara Paslay Design

How We Make Moving Day Easy

How We Make Moving Day Easy

On Monday we had our home inspections to make sure everything is in good shape for the buyers of our house. There were a few minor things to fix, but nothing we couldn’t take care of in a few hours. So, it seems we are well on our way to moving! Wooohooo!

Now, Tim and I are kind of funny when it comes to moving time. We’ve actually had a lot of practice. Sense we got married in college, we had to move in and out of student housing two years in a row. That plus our 2 moves after college means we are pretty much pros! 🙂 And here’s how we make moving day less painful. . . we sell everything!!!! 🙂
This time around we are staying true to form and plan to try and sell almost a whole house full of furniture, art, and accessories! 🙂 Want to get in on the action? Well you can! We plan on having our big sale next Friday and Saturday morning! I wanted to tell you today so you can go ahead and make plans to come over and at least say hello! Here are some things we will be selling:
In the Master Bedroom. . .
The Headboard
The Dresser
A Console Table
A Nightstand
In the Kitchen. . .
-Island with Basket
-Tons of plates, cups, glass jars, and other serving ware
In the Dining Room. . .
-dining table
-possibly some art
In the Guest Bedroom. . .
In the Craft Room. . .
– desk/table
– mirrors
– a bunch of fabric scraps
– pillows
The Outdoor Stuff. . .
– Outdoor Chairs
– Lots of pots
-Firepit Bowl
Plus, a bunch of other things I’ve collected over the past 3 years! 🙂
I’ll post our address here on the blog Thursday and will remove it Saturday after the sale. For our out of state readers, we may post some items we can ship on the blog, but we haven’t decided for sure just yet.
Ahhh, I love the idea of starting fresh! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Ashley @ A Fraying Memoir

    Oh my goodness how I wish I was in the area. That tin roof headboard has had me drooling since the first time I saw it. Good luck with the sale! I’m sure you will have no problem passing along your beautiful things.

  2. Robin @ Happily Home, After

    Hi Kara,

    I’ve been visiting your blog for several days now, pouring over the designs and your clever solutions, and am a huge fan of your approach, resourcefulness, aesthetic, and flair. And now I can say I truly appreciate “how you roll” in life … and I hope I capture this accurately … that furnishings (things) serve a purpose in this moment and new moments and spaces yet to be had call for fresh ideas and opportunities of expressions. Well that’s what I’m taking away from this 😉

    And I’m going to see if I can apply this to my situation … we’ve let go of a lot of things that didn’t serve our needs after a house fire 17 months ago, but I’m still very blocked by items that were “too good” to get rid of but no longer work for us. I hope I can follow your lead and have those items gone, soon. Hope you don’t want to get rid of Followers though, because I’m your newest one.

  3. Unknown

    I have no clue what state you are in – i think OK, I am in GA – but i see you traveling all over. I am curious about your sale & your entire guest bedroom!!! I love it – & have had it in my “TO-DO” list forever.
    I’ve tried your contact website but i can’t get my message to go through.



  4. Sarah

    Oh My! I wish i lived in your area! It would make my life so much easier, I would just buy the stuff you have already done 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m completely serious when I ask if I can pre-purchase some of those things on your list? I’m local! And I really want the chalkboard!

  6. DeAnn @ The SIP project

    How fun to be able to start fresh in a new place and decorate it up the way you want to, so fun! I have been married 7 years and have moved 5 times in that 7 years, I hope we stay where we are a while! I bet all your stuff will go quick, good luck with the sale, wish I was still living in Tulsa so I could stop by, I would totally scoop up that metal headboard.

  7. Kara Paslay

    Thanks Dana! I think I am getting a little sad to leave because this home has meant so much to us. . . but a new challenge is going to be so fun! 🙂

  8. Kara Paslay

    Thanks Ashley! Hopefully we’ll come up with some more great headboard ideas for you in the near future. . . some that you feel comfortable taking on yourself!

  9. Kara Paslay

    Hey Robin! I am so sorry to hear about the fire. I imagine that has been a very difficult situation to overcome. I am so glad that this post has helped you to get in a positive frame of mind. Things are not important. . not at all. Sometimes, however, things remind you of wonderful people or memories. So, I say keep the things that are super sentimental and be willing to part with the rest. Thanks so much for reading Robin, I look forward to getting to know you more! 🙂

  10. Kara Paslay

    Hey Shannon! You are right. . . I am in OK! We do love to travel but I’m not sure we’ll be in Georgia anytime soon. We will probably try to sell as much here as possible so we don’t have to mess with shipping, but if it doesn’t sell I’ll wrap it up and send it to you! 🙂

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