Jenny’s Dressing Room

Jenny’s Dressing Room
As a woman, I have always wanted a fancy dressing room, but figured it was probably out of reach. When I saw Jenny’s dressing room I fell in love and it turns out if you have an extra bedroom that barely gets used, you too can have your own glamourous dressing area!
Take a look at what Jenny did with her extra guest room!

dressing room pink 01

Jenny used the Stolmen system from IKEA to hang clothes and house shelves for shoes.
dressing room pink 02
dressing room pink 04
dressing room mirror tray
On second thought I am not sure if I am stylish enough to have a whole room dedicated to my clothes, but Jenny sure is!!! And look at all her shoes!! I love shoes!!
dressing room pink shoes
dressing room pink 05
Of course no dressing room would be complete without a fabulous full length mirror!
dressing room pink 07
The white curtains and window seat make the space feel so dreamy!
Jenny took the doors off the closet area and turned the space into a vanity area! I love the bold and beautiful stripes and of course I’m a fan of the coffee filter lights that Jenny made after reading my tutorial from the light in my guest bedroom!
dressing room vanity left
dressing room vanity detail 01
dressing room perfume
Jenny has plans to gussy up this dressing room even more, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the eye candy because it’s beautiful already! 🙂
Hop on over to Jenny’s blog for more inspiration!

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  1. JulieBGreen

    I am for sure not stylish enough for this, nor do I have an extra room! Maybe when one or all four of the kids move out, lol! Beautiful room and I can’t wait to see how she makes it even more fabulous!

  2. Kara Paslay

    Jenny, it was my honor to feature your room! It’s fabulous!! 🙂 And thanks for letting all of your “Nest” friends know about me!

  3. Angela - Not SuperWoman

    Love it!! I love the simpleness of this room! Thank you for sharing.

    When we move into a house, I plan on having a “family closet room”, hopefully near the laundry room, to make laundry easier.

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