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MEN’S ROOM MAKEOVER | Kara Paslay Design



I am finally ready to give you the full tour of the guest bathroom. The whole space seems very “men’s club” to me, which I actually really like. I almost wanted to set a few cigars out! Even though the space has a very masculine feel, you can find feminine touches throughout the room. The soft curves of the vessel sink and mirror, the bling of the chrome, and the guest accessories (more about those later) that are obviously a woman’s touch all make sure that either sex could relax in this restroom!!

But before we get too far let me remind you what this 3rd world bathroom looked like before months of labor and love!
We increased the the room by about 20 square feet and moved the sink to the opposite wall. If you look close you will notice that the shower is outfitted not with tile but with drywall and a wood framed window!!!! Hello MOLD!!!!! This is the bathroom I had to live with for almost an entire year while our other bathroom was getting a complete overhaul. I will never take a beautiful, well functioning bathroom for granted again!!!
Here is the same shot today. . .
The floor used to be nasty carpet, yes I said carpet. . .in a bathroom! The alternative wasn’t much better- check out that green linoleum underneath. STUNNING!!! 🙂
Now our floor is a beautiful stained pine that we installed ourselves. Now, I know many of you are thinking, “What she put hardwoods in the bathroom!!!!????” But before you get your panties in a wad listen to the facts.
1. The wood is coated with an exterior poly that is made to stand up to rain, snow, and other elements on a regular basis. Rot is not going to be an issue with this tough stuff!
2. In case water seeps in between boards we installed water resistant cement board underneath (the same stuff they put under tile).
3. Total cost to do the entire bathroom floor was less than $100.
4. Installation was super easy.
5. If we ever change our mind, the wood can be taken out with little effort and because we already have cement board down, it will be ready for tile.
All these make us perfectly happy with our decision to go with hardwoods in the bathroom!! Not to mention, I think it’s beautiful!!!!!!
Instead of keeping the terribly built storage closet, we opted to demo it. This really opened up the room up and made it feel much bigger.
We knew we wanted to have some storage for all of the bathroom basics plus a few extras. So, Tim constructed these built-ins that look as if they have always been there. And to add some more shiny surfaces he lined the back of the built-ins with galvanized sheet metal! It’s reflective quality helps bounce light around this one window space. The open storage of the built-ins and open area under the vanity visually trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there is. To see the humble beginnings of the desk turned vanity, CLICK HERE!
I’m the type of gal that really likes my guests to feel welcome! Instead of the “mi casa es su casa” mentality I like to go with a more spa like setting. I want my guests to feel pampered! So, I try to add small sentiments to create that environment. For example, in the picture above my guests are treated to there own loofa or sponge. I place gourmet chocolate candies in the guest room and a thank you note for blessing me with their visit! Sometimes it’s the little things that really put a room over the top!
Nobody knows more about the difference details make than my husband, Tim. So when it was time to hang a toilet paper holder, no ordinary tp holder would do!!!!
Tim fashioned this double duty piece from the same galvanized metal he used on the back of the built-ins. It makes changing out the roll so easy I might actually do it! 🙂
A few other small things that make me smile. . .
An aged mirror.
A bathtub caddy for a book, glass of champagne, candles, or those cigars I was talking about!
I love how the chevron hand towel speaks to the pattern of the tile. Even though the tile pattern is a herringbone- it’s close enough!! 🙂
A few more photos. . .
I can’t believe how bad it was! I think I have tried to erase it from my memory!
Tim couldn’t quite wait for the finished product before he indulged in a soothing soak .

This article has 17 comments

  1. The Beams

    Wow, I really want to be a guest in your house overnight just so that I can spend some time in that bathroom! And, you did write that I’d have chocolates waiting for me, right?? 🙂 It looks great as usual!


  2. Kara Paslay

    Thanks ladies, I am totally blushing! Rural Socialite, I will totally do your bathroom! Thanks for all the love! And Lovely Little Nest, I got the chevron towel from none other than Ross!

  3. Jen Caputo

    Wow!!! It came out beautifully! I love your desk turned vanity, I’ve got my eye on a similar project in our bathroom. And that TP holder/magazine rack – a work of art!!!! How much for him to craft us one 🙂 Congratulations on your stunning reno!

  4. Shannon

    Wow, this is sooo magazine-worthy! It’s definitely country club-gentleman’esque. How’s that for a description? Anyway, found your blog a few days ago and you create such beautiful stuff!

  5. Alison Chandler

    This is amazing! I’m so envious! We also have a bathroom with a window (wood) right in the tub area. Can I ask – how did you go about getting the large window down to a small streamlined shape? Did you have to do a lot of work to the exterior of your house??

    Thanks! Alison

  6. Kara Paslay

    Hey Alison! Aren’t these old houses crazy with wood windows in the tub area!!!?? Replacing the old widow with the long skinny one was not too big of a deal for our house because it has vinyl siding on the outside (which is easy to repair). We just took out the old window, cut our shape our where the new window was to go (making sure to it was all up to code), framed in the old window, put the new window in, and repaired the repaired/replaced the siding. This seems intimidating- but we did to EVERY window in our house- so you can do it- but you might rather hire Lowes to install ( I think their rates are reasonable).

    With a brick exterior it would be more difficult (you would have to find matching brick to fill in the old window, it’s harder to remove, ect) but it is still doable.

  7. Amanda @ Out of Square

    Kara – This bathroom is just beautiful! I think it’s my favorite bathroom I’ve ever seen. Would you mind sharing the gray-blue paint color you used on the beadboard. It looks like the perfect combination of blue and gray. Last but not least, you’re entire house is amazing. I love every square inch of it.

  8. Michelle

    I’m new to your blog and found this through your “best of” post at the end of the year. I LOVE it. And I am also wondering, along with Amanda what your paint color is. It looks like exactly what I’ve been searching for for my bedroom.

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