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Today I am going to take you through a beautifully designed modern townhouse in Dallas, TX. This striking home belongs to two long-time friends of Tim and I, so we were happy to visit and blown away by the couple’s incredible talent for setting a scene.
Meet Mat and Kelsey!


This was our first look at the lover’s sense of style. As soon as we walked in the door it was obvious that Mat and Kelsey liked a modern aesthetic. The entry way is adorned with old photos of family members and striking artwork. The way the frames are overlapped and leaning gives the sense that this couple is high style but not hoity toity. I love the vintage hat hanging on the old church pew and the way the mirrors reflect the photos on the opposite wall.
Now Kelsey is a marketing mastermind, so it’s not surprising that she has an eye for accessorizing. She definitely shows off her skills in the home’s great room! I was throughly impressed!
Now generally I like spaces infused with color, but Kelsey and Matt have made me a believer in the high contrast black and white color palette. The couple has demonstrated that you can have a clean, streamlined space that still feels homey. Here’s how to do it.
1. Use warm wood tones throughout the space. Rid yourself of thinking black and brown don’t go together. The wood tones and texture bring life to the colorless canvas.
2. Create interest in the room by layering textures and shapes. You can see how Kelsey was able to keep our attention with all her beautiful vignettes. When you start accessorizing table-tops remember to use things of different heights, finishes, shapes, and textures.
3. Include elements that give a lived-in look. The chalkboard wall is the perfect addition to this space. Not only is is sporting a lovely organic shape that softens the black, the shopping lists and sweet messages scream “This house is a HOME!”
4. Add pops of color. Just a few well placed colorful pieces can elevate a space from beautiful to spectacular.



IMG_3345IMG_3350I love the way this space seems glamorous, modern, and organic all at the same time! BEAUTIFUL!! If you are in an apartment and can’t paint, or if you enjoy a crisp clean space- take a few cues from Mat and Kelsey to make your white walls work wonders.

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  1. jan newton

    you have the knack of keeping the clean lines but making your home feel cozy and lived in at the same time…….well done

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