Mona Makeover

Mona Makeover

Hey Friends!  I have a lot more fun to reveal from my design binge last week, but let’s take a quick breather from that big project and look at something a bit more bite size.  Remember this post a few weeks ago when I highlighted the artist Banksy and some of his unique and intriguing artwork?  Well, I mentioned that it inspired me to take on a little project of my own.  I’ve been hanging on to a picture of the Mona Lisa that I received in some random mail package a while ago.  I never quite knew what to do with the piece, but throwing away The Mona Lisa (even a mini, crappy replica of it) seemed wrong.  So I kept it…



Well after looking through some of Banksy’s work, I was inspired to finally do something with Ms. Mona……



As you can see, I covered the background in a gradient of coral colors, put a little pink on her lips, and added a favorite saying of mine.  🙂  I’ve always thought Mona could stand to smile a little more, so this finished piece feels very Banksy to me.  Just a fun, small project to keep my creative juices flowing. ‘Til tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Jolene

    LOVE it! So subtly cheeky. And she really looks good with a pink background and a little lip paint!

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