Party Like It’s Your Birthday. . . or Wedding or Whatever

Party Like It’s Your Birthday. . . or Wedding or Whatever

So, with my birthday coming up I’ve had parties on my mind. However, I hardly ever celebrate with a big bash or much more than a nice dinner and maybe a movie. But I do dream about having one of those perfectly styled and amazingly creative shindigs. Other than my wedding, I’ve never put much energy into decorating for parties or other events. I think it is mainly because it seems like a whole lot of work for something that’s going to be over in a few hours. But, that sure doesn’t stop me from enjoying beautiful parties and pictures of parties that other people have put together!


Yesterday I ran across a blog that apparently a lot of people know about, but it’s new to me so I thought it might be new to you as well. Kara’s Party Ideas (great name,right!?) has an amazing collection of outstanding parties that are perfect down to every last detail! I’ll share a few of my favorite pics (so far) here, but if your trying to plan a party, wedding, or just appreciate a beautifully decorated space go check out this blog for yourself!
Lumberjack Party
Amazing, right!? Have any of you recently thrown a fancy get together of your own? I’d love to see photos!
Stay tuned for a new Anthro window display later this week!!!

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  1. The Cuban In My Coffee

    Hi Kara, I wanted to stop by and let you know that as promised I referenced you in the coffee filter light that I made for my daughter’s room. It is such a lovely idea! Please stop by and take a peek~

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