Reader Redo- Kitchen Island and Pulley Light

Reader Redo- Kitchen Island and Pulley Light
A few weeks ago Sarah contacted me and shared a couple of projects she recently took on in her kitchen! When I saw the photos I was super impressed and thought you would be as well! Sarah found this piece of furniture and although it needed a little work, she saw what it could be and immediately made plans for it to turn into her kitchen island! Here’s the before!
And the AFTER!!!!
Isn’t that gorgeous?! The paint job is perfect- I love that moody greenish-gray color! And the top. . . oh the top!!!
One of Sarah’s friends built the top for her and it is just gorgeous!
To read more about the kitchen island, click here! Now Sarah didn’t stop there, she also decided to replace the light above the island. It turns out Sarah and I both love old pulleys!! Check out her new light!

Awesome right!? Read more about the pendant light here!

Sarah, thanks so much for sharing this with all of us. It’s definitely inspiration for us to carry into the weekend!! You can read about more projects at Sarah’s blog, Hart’s Desire.
Have a great day!

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