About a month ago, Jordan and Landon contacted us because they were about to dive head first into a kitchen renovation and were looking for some tips on concrete countertops. Long story short, they got cold feet about pulling off the poured concrete all on their own but they came out with a beautiful kitchen none the less. Let’s get a look at their fabulous before and after!



Breathtaking right?! Although concrete would have been sleek and stylish I love the warmth that these butcher blocks bring in! They play off the slate tile and sea foam paint color perfectly!

I’m loving the farmhouse sink and the sweet little potted herbs that really add some charm to the space! And check out these gorgeous knobs! The silver accents throughout give this neutral room some real POP!


Didn’t Landon and Jordan do a GREAT job!!! They just happen to be photographers (hence the beautiful photos) and you can visit their photography website and blog HERE!

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  1. PCotney

    Hey Kara! In my normal walking route I have noticed about 10 wooden pallets sitting on the side of the road for the garbage men to come and get and I’ve been trying to think of something I could do with them. I thought I remembered you doing something with wooden pallets but I can’t find it…did you? or do you have any suggestions? I am starting my very first teaching job in 2 weeks and I’m in graduate school so my time is scarce but I don’t want to pass up on anything FREE!! I’m sorry I have to pick your brain but mine doesn’t work as well as yours!!

  2. Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys

    Wow! What a teriffic transformation! The place looks so much sunnier now. i have to say, it’s like you stole my idea from my mind! I have white cabinets and I’ve wanted butcher board counter tops (right now they are white also and it’s too much white). I’ve even blogged about the Anthro knobs I wanted for the kitchen cabinets. Farmhouse sink is a beauty. Great job, Kara!

  3. Kara Paslay

    Hey Paige,

    I think it’s so great that you want to save those pallets and create something super cool for your space! We did use palettes to build the “privacy screen” in our back yard. You can read more about it here-

    That is one idea, but the possibilities are endless! I suggest figuring out what you need (a bed, coffee table, display shelving, ect) and then figuring out how you reconfigure the palettes to serve your need. If you let me know what you need I can try to help give you some ideas on how to reconfigure the palette!

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