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Trending- Native American Elements | Kara Paslay Design

Trending- Native American Elements

Trending- Native American Elements
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I was able to take a much needed break while also taking some time to think about how blessed I am to live in the greatest country in the world. I hope you were able to do the same. I already said thank you to all the service people I know personally, but if you read this blog and are in the armed forces or have a family member in the armed forces, I also want to make sure I take moment to give you a heartfelt thanks as well! Thank you, thank you for your sacrifice so that we can continue to enjoy the freedom to find truth and pursue our dreams.
Now to today’s post. I am writing this post mainly due to my future sister-in-laws inspiration. Madison is my brother’s girlfriend and she is Cherokee. Madison is a sentimental gal and ever since I’ve known her, she’s celebrated her Native American heritage. She loves fringe, beaded jewelry, and anything with a native inspired print. Well, Madison has really inspired me to embrace native american/south western elements and it seems the trend is also hitting the fashion and interior design world as well!
WhoWhatWear.com is where I go to catch quick glimpses of what’s hot in the fashion world. In May they put together this “Go Buy Now” collage of Native inspired fashion pieces.
Of course of the most obvious trends that screams Native American are the new “feather extensions.” Hollywoods hottest got things started and now women from the ages 5 to 50 are now sporting the look!
I was blown away by the beauty of the girl in these photos when I was searching for fashion inspiration. Toni Garrn was the model for a photo shoot featured in the Spanish Vogue. She sports everything from beaded bangles to a fringed jacket and braided hair. If these photos don’t make you want to hop on the Native trends bandwagon, nothing will!

Vogue Spain April 2011- Found here

Here are a few more fashion photos for inspiration.
Asian Fashion– Native American clothing models
The 16th bar– RL photo
Now to my favorite area to incorporate the Native American culture- INTERIORS!!!!
Probably the most common way to incorporate the native feel is by rugs or blankets that feature an iconic native pattern. I can’t describe it, but I know it when I see it. Below are some photos that show how a handmade Native American rug can make a room.
Although I completely recommend supporting the talented people that create these pieces, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to afford one of these hand made beauties brand new. Here are some other ways to score this look for less.
Ebay is full of used options, these are just two that I particularly liked.
Picture 5
Find this one on here on Ebay.
Picture 4
Find this one here on Ebay.
And although I much prefer you buy “the real deal,” if you just can’t afford it, Ikea and Lowes have a couple of options.
I bought this rug for this project from Lowes for about $150.
These two options from Ikea are good options as well. The Alvine Rand and The Alvine Ruta.
Of course rugs don’t always have to go on the ground. Smaller ones can be hung as tapestries because they really are works of art!
The lovely ladies at Design Sponge posted about the trend of Native American blankets that they saw emerging a few months ago when they visited the Brimfield fleamarket. Here are some photos they posted.
See the article on Design Sponge.
Textiles in general are a great way to bring in a native pattern. Check out these towels from Urban Outfitters!
Another obvious way to bring in a Native American influence is with feathers. A not so obvious way to bring them in would be on a light fixture, like this popular idea found on Apartment Therapy.
Or maybe you like the look of this feather pendant better!
emma feather pendant
Pendant found here.
I think either option could easily be DIYed!
Some other quick ways to bring in Native American elements are: Fringe pillows, leather furniture pieces, beaded accessories, hand turned pottery, and earthy colors with pops of turquoise and red!
Madison is hoping to open her own shop full of authentic Native American pieces when she graduates from college. She thinks she will call it “The Hummingbird’s Nest” (Hummingbird is her mother’s maiden name). I can’t wait and I am encouraging her to go after that dream of her’s! I love that this is not a trend for her, but a piece of herself. That is why I know she can succeed! And lucky for us, Native American pieces are beautiful and classic pieces of art that never have to go out of style!
So how about it, anyone particularly inspired to add some Native American elements into their space?

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  1. Anonymous

    0 Si Yo, Kara!Beautiful blog! Tribal trends are so unique and can be made very chic. The pendant you found is awesome!! There are so many things you could with the rugs you showed also, and its a trend that doesn’t go out of style, well for me anyways!

  2. tiffany

    *love* this post!! toni garrn is beautiful! great collection you put together (;
    p.s. we just started a major d-i-y ourselves.. *camp 1899*

  3. Amy and Alec

    So true!
    I read this post last week, but I just felt like I should come back and tell you how much native american printed patterns I saw at Urban Outfitters today! Every dress and shirt I picked up had a wicked print on it.
    Nice trendspotting to madison & you!
    Love the blog 🙂

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