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Warehouse Progress and Special Finds | Kara Paslay Design

Warehouse Progress and Special Finds

Warehouse Progress and Special Finds

I thought it was about time for another warehouse update! If you usually check in here for great DIY’s, give me about another week! All the time that usually spend on creating projects is now being spent on moving and making sure our warehouse space is liveable by the time we move in!

Now, we did sell a ton of stuff at our estate sale and continue to do so via craigslist. But even with the crazy amount that we have unloaded, we still have a ton of stuff! Right now, my mom and I are taking loads from our house the warehouse and just dropping it.


Once everything is converted, then I will start to organize and make sure everything has a place! This is going to be a big job!

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention Tim moving much. That’s because Tim is hard at work on our bathroom! Last time I updated you, we had furred out a wall, taken down some plaster, and dealt with plumbing in the wrong place. Well now we have the raised floor framed in, the bottom of the bathtub poured (!!!!), and the water heater installed!



Although Tim and I are getting rid of stuff. . . we are also gathering up pieces to start creating our new space! For example, we bought some old bowling alley off craigslist. Right now, the plan is to use it for kitchen countertops.


Also related to the kitchen- while we were visiting our local Habitat ReStore one day, we came across a crazy cool vintage oven/stove. This piece. . .


sits on top of this piece. . .


Right now it is a terrible brown color, but I am really excited about what this piece will look like with a brand new paint job! The base serves as a cabinet space to store pots and pans while the top portion houses a small oven and you can pull that butcher block forward to reveal 4 stove top burners! Pretty sweet, right!? I’m excited!

We also picked up this set of old lockers! With this being a loft, storage space might be limited. These lockers will provide a great place to hide all sorts of stuff! PS- Once again, these lockers are in desperate need of a paint job. . . we’ll get to it at some point!


As you can imagine, we have a ton of tools and will only accumulate more with this amazingly huge new space we have to build and create in! For those new to the blog, we will create a loft/living space in the front part of the warehouse (about 1,000 sqft) and work in the back part of the warehouse (about 2,000 sqft). Anyway, with all those tools, painting products, and art supplies we will need to be very organized! This shelf will go a long way in helping us to do that!


It has all these boxes that will be home to a ton of random, but important supplies!


Lastly, we made this purchase of an industrial cart- partly for function, but also for form. Industrial carts are all the rage right now. People love to use them as coffee tables. We will absolutely use ours to actually cart stuff around, but possibly as a piece of furniture too!


So, that’s what’s been going on around here! So hard to believe the big move is just days away! That’s cra cra!!

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  1. Missy G.

    So cool! Where did you find that shelf with the boxes? It looks so neat. Do you know what it was originally used for?

  2. Jill Elaine

    I LOVE the industrial cart! I want one so bad! Can’t wait to see how you use it for display. And how perfect for you to have casue you can use it for hauling:) Loved seeing what is happening to your warehouse-can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. jill

    Wow- this is incredible! I love seeing your progress and it will be so fun to see what all you do! Love, love, love the bowling alley floors as countertops idea. That stove is so great too. I am absolutely positive this space will be featured in a magazine or two someday!

  4. Shelley

    You have already found some really neat stuff! This will be a lot of fun for us that get to read about it, thanks for sharing your journey. Even sweeter that you 2 are on it together=) Hope you don’t go crazy until you get organized again.

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