Bathroom Goes Glam with Glitter!

Bathroom Goes Glam with Glitter!

Happy Monday Friends!  Are you ready to get this week started off right?!  I’ve got another before and after up my sleeve and this week, it involves GLITTER!!!!! Ha!  I know some of you might have a less than positive reaction to the thought of any project involving glitter.  And to be honest, I used to be glitter adverse…….but then I discovered micro glitter!  Micro glitter gives everything a glorious sparkle rather than the tacky arts and crafts glitter you might be envisioning.

This particular transformation involves Cal’s bathroom.  We had to do something that would match all the pretty happening in her bedroom and I knew glitter was just the ticket for this beautiful little girl!

The bathroom started out with great bones. A beautiful tub and lovely hex tile.



There were a few things I wanted to do to enhance the architecture of the space, so the ceilings got a coat of tiffany blue and the doors were painted black to add to the drama of the space!


Oh goodness, black doors make me swoon.

Now, it was time for the glitter!!!! Spectrum Paint is my go to paint store because I love their story of a small family business starting off in a storage unit and growing to over 50 locations across the US! Not to mention, they are incredibly helpful in all my painting projects! So, anyway I called up Spectrum to ask if there was any glitter paint on the market to help create the vision I was seeing in my head.  To my delight, they said that Ben Moore had a tried and true glitter paint perfect for my project!


I did a few sample strokes before going all out on the makeover and I realized that I wanted a little more glitz than the paint was providing.  My solution was simple- add micro glitter to the mixture.


The Ben Morre paint dries clear which means the base color of your wall is important.  I knew I wanted a more dramatic rather than subtle look, so I used a dark gray on the walls before going with the glitter.  The dark color would provide a beautiful backdrop for the glitter crystals to really pop! Here’s a close-up of the look we got.


I can’t tell you how beautiful this looks in person. It’s hard to capture the sparkle on camera, but I sure tried.  Here are the rest of the pics!








PS- Aren’t those green Dr. Suess looking stems super cool!?










The vanity area received minor but impactful updates with a new mirror, vanity light covers, and a few accessories.


I was so thrilled to find that incredible faceted green mirror.  I’m currently searching out another one for my own home!




What do you think!? Could you go for glitter if it looked as gorgeous and glam as it does in this space?!  Well, stay tuned because thanks to Spectrum Paint, we’re doing a glitter paint giveaway later this week!!!!! Whoop, whoop!!!

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  1. marox79

    I love the end result! It looks really classy and glam, not tacky at all as you would expect with glitter.
    I’m sure the client loved it.

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