Set Decorating For HGTV

Set Decorating For HGTV

Happy Monday Friends!  We’re going to take a little break from Cal’s room and cover a set decorating gig I was able to be a part of.  Recently I had the opportunity to work with the folks at HGTV on a show they are shooting here in Tulsa.  The show is less about design and more about the house flipping phenomenon.  I was called in to decorate a couple of rooms where the show’s stars would shoot interviews discussing their latest renovation projects.

Whenever I’m working with large production companies and/or networks, I always expect a certain level of control to be exerted upon me.  It’s just the way it is.  To my surprise (and delight), HGTV was completely open to me doing my thing.  The level of trust they demonstrated in my talent was both refreshing and encouraging!  I simply sent them this little design board to show them my vision and got to work!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 2.34.29 PM

The spruce up was to be done in this space…..


Lucky for me, the homeowners had great staple pieces (couch, coffee table, and accent chair), so all the main furniture pieces would stay and play in the room.  My job then, was mostly accessorizing and bringing energy into the space with color and texture.

A couple of short days later the space looked like this….


The rug and the tree were the most important pieces added to the space.  The rug defined the area and brought a great contrasting, but complimentary color to the blonde wood floors. The varying colors of pink in the rug also add texture to the space.  The fiddle leaf fig is a gorgeous addition to any room, but I especially loved it’s sculptural presence in this room as it balanced the large sectional set across from it.

The painted rock fireplace wall had great texture from the beginning and needed just a few pops of color here and there to really stand out.  (You may also notice that I used a special fireplace screen with the tinted effect I talked about last week! I loved this custom piece that I created and you’ll hear more about it in the coming weeks!)


It’s always a little stressful to work on projects that have such a quick timeline, but fun to see a project come together so fast! See you back here on Wednesday!

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  1. Lisa Johnson

    That tree was the perfect thing and I never would have thought of it! Love the reflective touches too!

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