Timeless, Yet Bold Parlor Bath

Hey Friends! I am making an unusual Saturday post because I was excited to share this parlor bathroom that I recently completed.

You’ve seen the beginnings of this bathroom before when I posted about covering the walls in a concrete product called ARDEX.  But just to refresh your memory, here is what the bathroom looked like before we started any work.



The feel was very traditional…and a little bit boring.


A parlor bath is a great place to do something bold.  It’s a room that owners rarely visit, but guests often get a good look at.  For that reason you can make design decisions that have a great impact.  A bold color and pattern could get overwhelming or old in a space that you spend hours in every day, but they are perfect choices for a room that gets less play.  I explained this concept to my clients, but went ahead and provided them two design plans- one that was very classy, but more subdued and one that was elegant, but bold!  To my delight, the couple chose the latter!  Let’s take a look at the results!










There is a lot to talk about in this small space!  The first thing you may notice is the hexagon wall!  This graphic pattern feels contemporary but also timeless, especially when done in a black and white color palette.  I took this pattern from floor to ceiling for maximum impact and to break up the colored concrete wall treatment.


Are you falling in love with that pattern as much as I did?  Instead of using tile to create the look, I used a stencil.  If you’re looking to create your own patterned feature wall, Royal Design Studio has a ton of great stencil options to choose from! They even can create custom stencils, which is what I did for this project!


The floating countertop helps this small space to feel more spacious and the simplicity  of it balances out all the interesting finishes happening in the rest of the space.  The rich wood combined with golden accents throughout bring warmth into the space, striking a nice balance between modern and timeless.  The champagne gold, wall mounted faucet makes my knees weak.




Even in a space this small, the right styling can make all the difference. The woven baskets, turkish tea towels, mercury glass vase, colorful flowers, ect. bring a cultured feel into the space.


The polyhedronal light fixture mimics the faceted pattern behind the sink. It is painted a rich brass color- thanks to Modern Masters!  It pops off the bold blue/green background beautifully.


Here’s a pic of the light fixture I posted on Instagram.  I love the shadow it casts in the space as well!

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 12.37.43 PM

The wall treatment was a process, but I love how it turned out.  For me, it made the space feel like you could find it in a century old  castle.  It appears to have weathered naturally over time- a perfect patina to add some real charm to this bold space. I’ll explain how to get this look in a future post.

IMG_6036 2

So, there’s the timeless, yet bold parlor bathroom-  ready to inspire the homeowners and enchant guests!  Can’t wait to start working on the next room in this home!

PS- You can get great metallic paints (like the brass I used in this room) from Modern Masters.  You can order here or visit your local SPECTRUM Paint to see the options in person.  Royal Design Studios has become my go-to for great stencils to create attention grabbing feature walls.  Check out all their amazing products right here!

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  2. Lindsay

    Hi there,
    This is fabulous! I would really love to hear how you did the coloured patina on the walls.

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