Black is Back!

Black is Back!

Hey there friends!

So, the bus is definitely making some progress and I’m excited to fill you in! As you know we started in the back! You will also remember that I was super excited about revealing those slick black windows! The project wasn’t hard as far as skill, but it did take a little time and some elbow grease!

In order to remove most of the paint, I used a gel like paint stripper that would cling to the vertical windows. It bubbled up and worked like a charm.  It also worked to burn the living day lights out of my skin!  Ouch!!! I was wearing gloves, but still managed to figure out how to get it on my arms and legs……..


If you’ve never used paint thinner, it works really well.  You just have to be patient…..which happens to be one of my downfalls. 😉 If you try to scrape the area to early, you will be severely disappointed with the result.  But if you can manage to keep yourself occupied until the paint bubbles up on it’s own, things scrape off easily! Hold off until it looks like this….


Here’s what the window area looked like when I bought the bus…….


And here’s when I uncovered the windows and realized that they all could be that beautiful chic black…..


And here’s after almost all the paint has been removed!….


Now, there is still some cleaning up to do around the trim of the windows, but I think you can already start to see how great this space will be!! Ahhhhh! 🙂

Oh, and if you look close, you can get a little glimpse of how the metal ceiling is turning out! 😉 Pretty exciting!

Stay tuned friends!!!

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