The (Tentative) Tiny Living Layout

The (Tentative) Tiny Living Layout

Today, I’m going over the tentative bus layout. I say tentative because I know things will probably change as I work my way through the project and have epiphanies about tiny living or how I want this bus to function for me. During non-traveling times, I plan to use this space as an office for KPD, so plenty of desk space and organizational elements will be needed.

So, here is the plan thus far…..


As you can see, I’ve placed the bedroom in the back of the bus for privacy purposes. And the bathroom comes right after that. I’ve mapped out a rather large footprint for an RV bathroom, but this is my project and I’ve got personal priorities- a great shower being one of them. I also plan to put a sky light in the bath area and I am super excited about showering under the stars!! Imagine it with me……..



Next comes the kitchen area. I felt that splitting it on to the two walls rather than just keeping it on one was an efficient use of space, and for some reason I just prefer it over a longer kitchen kept on one wall.

After the kitchen is the living/work area. I’ve got some different ideas for this space and how I can squeeze in 1 or 2 more sleeping spaces in case we ever have guests travel or stay with us. The desk will be freestanding so it can come into the middle of the space and serve as a dining table if desired. On the wall where the desk lives, there will be a flip up (or down) bench that would be able to serve seating for the other side of the dining table when in play……..or one of those sleeping spaces I was talking about.  This is the general idea of what I’m thinking……



I’m doing things a little differently this time around.  Normally, I would take the typical approach of doing all the electric, all the plumbing, all the lighting, all the framing, ect before I started to work on any of the decor. But since I’m tackling this project on my own, I’m
going to do it my way…with a method I think will work better to keep motivated and moving. I’m starting in the back and working my way forward. So, I’ll start with the bedroom and work my way forward.  I think seeing parts be completed will keep my spirits high and allow me to finish much faster.

So, there you have it! The only plans that super solid right now is the bedroom, so if you guys have any brilliant ideas about the rest of the space, I love to entertain them! Thanks to Tonya for suggesting to search the hashtags- #skoolie #busnik #skoolielife #busconversion….There are so many cool ideas out there!

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