Cocoon Bedroom

Cocoon Bedroom

Hey you guys! Happy hump day! If you follow my instagram page, you know that i’ve recently been trying to do anything I can to move forward with the bus project that doesn’t actually involve being in the bus! It. is. so. hot. here.  So, some of that has included picking out and picking up paint….Thanks Spectrum!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.24.31 AM

It has also included getting pretty detailed with my bedroom design. So, today I’m going to talk through that with you!

Here is what the bedroom area looked like when I first picked up the bus…


Since then, I removed the original bed platform because I plan to orient the bed differently.

I was immediately drawn to this picture of a polished metal ceiling and when I realized I could achieve a similar look in my bus, the decision was made!


Photo via Design Sponge

I feel pretty lucky that the only area where the original metal ceiling was left in tact was over the bed, because  I think that is the perfect place for it. To me, it will create a sort of cocoon feeling, which I LOVE! 🙂  Have I mentioned that I’ve really been into butterflies lately?  The whole idea of going into something unsure of what will happen, but just feeling like you have to do it, because you were made to, and emerging from it completely changed- strong, beautiful, and ready to fly. ……..There are so many parallels to life there, but that’s probably a different post. Ironically, I feel like the bus itself looks like a cocoon and this project could certainly be compared to the caterpillar turned butterfly transformation. Ha, maybe I’m over thinking it…….but maybe not. 😉

Annnywayyyy, I want to keep the metal ceiling and polish it up. I also want to remove the cream paint to reveal the slick black windows (as I mentioned in a previous post).


I will keep the long wood piece in tact because:

1. It is essential (it covers the engine area)

2. It makes for a perfect headboard!


I will cover the wood in a tufted fabric. Right now, I’m thinking a leather of some sort! I bought all of these the other day with the intention of choosing one for the headboard area….

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.24.10 AM

The bench area also has to stay, but will act as built in nightstands, so it works out very nicely!

Once all that is finished, I will build the bed platform. Because storage is important in all small spaces, I’ve ordered these bed lifts so I can easily access whatever I decide to put under there.


Photo via

Here’s a rough sketch of things….


I’ll also be creating a little closet area in the corner of the room, but have yet to think through that completely. Thoughts/ideas are welcome!!

So, there’s the bedroom plan. I’m hoping to get some good stuff accomplished this weekend…..wish me luck and lower temps!! 😉

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