Its Getting Hot in Here….

Its Getting Hot in Here….

Ah, you guys! So, much has happened since we last talked! Plenty has been happening on the bus…..but honestly not quite as much as I would like! Two weeks ago I signed on to be the set decorator for a movie being shot in the area. This has both it’s pros and its cons….

I LOVE working on films because of the team atmosphere that is created, because I get to use my talents to help tell stories that will hopefully effect lives, and because I get paid to do something I love!

The cons to working on a film are the lonnnnnnng hours.  Currently I’m working 10 hour days (with a commute an hour away from Tulsa), trying to keep my fitness up, and still carving out time for family.  Whew!!! Life is busy!  So, anyway, there’s my long explanation of why you’re just now getting updated on bus happenings!

So, let’s get to it!  In order to keep moving on this project, if I hit a snag of sorts, I just move to the next thing and come back to the “problem area” once I have figured out a solution and/or gathered some more motivation! So, what that means is that nothing is currently totally completed….but a lot of things are definitely inching towards being finished! Today, I’m reviewing one way I’m dealing with the temperature issues inside the bus.

As I mentioned, that bus gets HOT!!!!! So insulating things as much as possible is going to absolutely save me in the summer months (literally and financially)! The window areas (those dark green spaces) are just steel panels waiting to be removed and replaced with glass frames. Since I won’t be putting any more windows in (at least for the moment) I needed to deal with those areas.  That metal was conducting a LOT of heat.


So, I went to home depot and bought a bunch of insulation board. Its 3/4 inch depth would fit perfectly in to the window frame voids.

Next I took my measurements and cut my pieces with a razor blade….



Once I placed the cutouts, I used “Great Stuff” all around the edges making sure to get as much of a seal as possible!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.15.22 AM


So, now instead of this……..

My windows/walls look like this……


Just adding this one layer of insulation helped the temperature issue out significantly, which I was very relieved about! It was a small project that will make a world of difference during those hot summer months!

Stay tuned for more updates including a new floor and the steel ceiling project!

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  1. Gina M

    Yeah! Good job. I love seeing your updates, but I know life can get in the way of personal time. I’m glad you enjoy your paying job. Any hints on the movie, so we can watch for it?

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