5 Ways To Cover Your Light Cords

5 Ways To Cover Your Light Cords

When you hang a beautiful chandelier or plug in your favorite lamp, do you have trouble focusing on the gorgeous fixture because of the unsightly cords? I often do. So, over the years, I’ve come up with a few ways to conceal those cords. And really I think it makes all the difference.

Option #1- For this look, I took pillow piping and removed the cotton cording inside. Then I replaced that with the lamp cord. By draping the cord over a decorative knob, I was able to make it look artful rather than an after thought.

Option #2- You’ve seen me do it time and time again. Weaving lighting wire in with rustic rope is super easy and inexpensive, but it makes all the difference!

Option #3- And what about this idea to add a little metallic pop in your space. Cut a piece of copper tubing to size and simply slide it over your wire. Courtland Bascon did that on Design Star last year and the judges loved the look.
Photo courtesy of HGTV.com

Option #4- For a more crafty “Design Sponge” look, simply braid yarn and the light cord together. FYI- The thinner your yarn, the longer it takes! But the end result is just lovely!

Option #5- This option is less about concealing your cord and more about celebrating it. Instead of trying to hide the obvious, why not create cool artistic loops and swirls that make a statement? I LOVE this idea that I found in Michael Moeller’s portfolio file.
Photo courtesy of HGTV.com

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  1. Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys

    I love option #5. Of course, having a cool backdrop helps. I also liked Courtland’s copper light. Speaking of Design Star, what ever happened to the winner? I haven’t seen her show advertised anywhere.

  2. Michelle @ Dream Home DIY

    I would have never thought about using the yarn techinque. Thank you so much for sharing. We just purchased our home over the summer…and it is in DESPERATE need of new lighting so I might be using a few of these soon :0)

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