A Curly Coral Cash Wrap

A Curly Coral Cash Wrap
At Anthro the checkout counter is referred to as the “cash wrap.” Although you wouldn’t necessarily think that this is an important place for a great display, it is! It’s important in case a customer is waiting in line for a little too long. An interesting display can hold their attention and hopefully keep their minds occupied until it is their turn to check out.
Here is the cash wrap display that I recently came up with for our Tulsa store! I completed it with the help of some wonderful interns! I love interns!


As you know, I can’t disclose how I constructed this installation, but I think you smart ladies and gents can probably figure it out from the photos! 🙂
I used a bunch of paper to create a coral-like effect. I really like how it twists and turns just like something you would spy under the sea!
PS- This display makes me want to sing every song from The Little Mermaid. I think I watched that movie every day for a whole summer when I was growing up. 🙂
To add a little interest to the installation, I hung an old crate on the wall and styled it with few weathered accessories. My favorite part is how the coral curls around and into the box.
This little plant looks like it could have been around when dinosaurs roamed the earth- I think he is super cool. I wrapped his base in rope to keep with the nautical feel.
The cash wrap is right next to our nautically styled space, which I showed you a while ago. You can see more details about that space here.
That was my first display to do for Anthro and admittedly it needed a little more pizzazz. So I am really glad that this new addition extends the theme and adds to the statement we were trying to make before.
What do you think? Are you digging the cash wrap display?

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  1. allison

    I’m going to be interning at my Anthro in the fall:):):) Im super excited!!
    I love the paper display, its always inspiring to see how you reuse normal items into an awesome display:)

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