ABC Carpet and Home

ABC Carpet and Home
Well, I have two more NYC inspiration posts to share with you. Today I am highlighting a place that I never knew existed until a friend (Thanks Dasha!) directed me there. ABC Carpet and Home is like IKEA on steroids!
Photo found here.
This place is 6 floors jam packed full of interior design goodness. I have to admit when I first walked in and saw this. . .
I wasn’t too impressed. Although there were plenty of amazing products, it was all so cluttered I was just annoyed with having to wade through it all, not to mention a bit overwhelmed.
But, that was the first floor and as I ventured to floors 2-6 things became much more organized and and the merchandising was much more to my taste! I loved that each floor represented a different style. If I lived in NYC, I would send my clients to ABC and record the amount of time they spent on each floor. I think by reviewing those times, I would be able to easily tell which styles speak to them most.
Let’s take a look at some of the styles/floors. We have the glamorous and elegant look. . .
The masculine and old world feel. . .
A modern industrial vibe. . .
The contemporary artistic area. . .
A floor full of antiques and vintage finds. . .
There was even an entire section to devoted to lighting! And man did they have some amazing fixtures!
Now of course living in NYC makes visiting this place a little bit easier, but ABC didn’t leave us non-New Yorkers high and dry. No, they have a website where you can shop online and order any of the gorgeous goodness for yourselves. Of course it’s not nearly as fun as being there in person, but at least you can shop in your PJ’s! 🙂
In all actuality this store is a place for people with a lot of money and no time. No doubt there are amazing products, but it seems in many cases they are way overpriced. After reading some reviews it seems many customers found the same products in different stores for significantly lower prices. Obviously, this store caters to people who want a one stop shopping trip and would rather lay down the cash than spend time shopping around for the best price. However, it is still an incredible place to visit for inspiration to get your creative juices going. 🙂

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