Adding Architecture

Adding Architecture

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Hey Friends!  Happy Thursday!

My favorite way to make a room look expensive and classy is to add architectural elements.  I’m talking exposed beams, wainscoting, moldings, and more.

As a matter of fact, I am working on a space right now that had amazing potential.  With it’s high ceilings and beefy chair rail already in tact, I knew I just needed to add a few elements that would really take the space to the next level.  Here’s what the room looked like before I started adding anything…




A beefy chair rail was already present within the space, but the non-contrasting paint color on the wall certainly didn’t make that architectural element pop.  By using a darker gray above and a white below, we instantly added depth to the room.  I didn’t want to stop with paint though, so I had wood wainscoting added underneath the chair rail.  In my opinion, wainscotting is great way to make a room feel expensive and classy.



The space had tall ceilings, but because the footprint of the room was smaller, appreciating those ceilings was not as easy.  By adding some wooden beams that span the space, it creates an intimacy while also drawing your eye up to recognize the height of the room. I had the beams stained the same color of the wood floors to create a nice flow in the space.  The beautiful honey color brings a warmth to the space that will balance out the more modern art and furnishings that will be making their way into the space soon!



Dropping a chandelier down in between the beams also adds to the intimacy and interest of space.

If you enjoy a more minimal design, using permanent architectural pieces (rather than layers of accessories) is a great way to enhance your design and add interest to your space.  More updates on this room coming soon!


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  1. Jenny B.

    Wow, Kara! That space looks amazing! Architectural features are my favorite. Did you do a wood panel for the wainscoting, or just add the picture frame molding to the wall directly? I keep thinking about doing that in our dining room, but worry that it would look weird with the textured drywall. Anyway… can’t wait to see what else you add to the room! 🙂

  2. Jenifer De Figueiredo

    Hi Kara,
    What a fantastic start! Can’t wait to see the rest! I also love the beams, but was wondering how they are installed? Upside down L brackets? Do tell!

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