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Happy Friday Y’all!

I’m the type of girl who will buy something I like while having no particular plan for it at the moment.  Generally I justify grabbing a great deal or an especially interesting piece with the thought that I will eventually use them in a project down the road.  That was the case when I brought this topographical map home from our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


I loved the look of the elevations and knew that I would eventually fancy things up and turn it into a real piece of art.  Well, that map sat in our shop for at least a year until I finally felt like it belonged in a certain room.  That room was the Timeless, Bold Parlor Bath….

This room has a lot a character mixed with a modern edge.  I felt like I could modify the elevation art to fit in quite nicely.  Here’s what I did….



The original mat board got a few coats of glossy white paint while the water line running through the piece received a beautiful blue coloring.  The simple and chic wood frame got its gold on thanks to Modern Masters.

I feel like the limited color palette allows you to appreciate the fun texture of the elevations.  I also think this treatment kept the piece simple enough to not overwhelm the smaller space with too many  patterns and/or bold colors.

I just love finding older pieces and making them work in new ways! Yay!  Happy weekend friends!

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