Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot

Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a bachelorette party for my dear friend.  This was my first party to be the head hostess, so of course I wanted it to be tons of fun, absolutely memorable, and in a beautiful setting.  Naturally the party was the perfect kick in the pants to start getting some projects completed at the house (which I’ll be revealing next week)!

An idea I had to make the party extra special was to have a little photo shoot that both the bride and her besties could participate in.  Now, in order for the photo shoot to be a success, we had to have matching outfits- right?!  Of course.

I was thinking through what we could possibly all have that would coordinate well, and then it hit me- we would make something at the party.  This would not only provide a fun activity and memorable moments, but it would solve my wardrobe woes.  I went through a couple of different thoughts about what we could create and then the idea of tutus hit me. Winner!!!! Why? Because Abbe was a dancer.  And not just a high school drill team member- this girl was a professional!  Dancing is her passion and therefore the tutus would be perfect for paying homage to Abbe’s obsession.  So, this fit my criteria for being fun and full of meaning! Yay!

Pinterest provided a ton of tutu tutorials…… or tutuorials if you will- hahahaha! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.19.53 AM

The hostesses familiarized themselves with the process so they could help others……





Soon enough it was time to start the shoot!  I set up a backdrop in our shop space made from this gorgeous sequence material.  So pretty, so colorful, and most importantly, so blingy!! 🙂


First Ms. Abbe had a little time to herself…….




Then the whole group got involved!









The outfits made sure we easily found each other as we used the rest of the night to paint the town and dance the night away! And although it might seem silly for adult women to wear tutu’s, I’m pretty sure everyone loved playing dress up like the good ol’ days. 😉

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

The party left quite the aftermath.  It looked like a glitter hurricane came through my place……..which I kind of loved!  Tim, however, was not so excited about the sea of sparkle… but he was a good sport. Happy wife, happy life- right!? 🙂



Below are a few more from the party.  You can check out the full gallery here. Just use the code “lastdance15” to get access.  A huge thank you to HeartSmiles Photography for capturing our fun filled night!


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