Did You See Us?!!!!!

Did You See Us?!!!!!

Tim and I have been throwing ourselves into our work pretty hard lately. So hard in fact that we totally missed that the HGTV’d episode we helped on aired last night!! I got a few texts from friends and family before and during the show but unfortunately we weren’t able to see the episode because we were working. As soon as it’s up online though- you can bet we’ll be watching it and linking to it in case you’re interested as well! 🙂


I’ve been keeping my photos of the project under wraps until it aired, but now I am free to share all the goods with you guys. I didn’t take any photos of the inside so I’ll snag some from HGTV.com and do a little review with you soon!
Before this backyard was a blank canvas. But the HGTV’d crew (and us) completely transformed the space in a matter of days. David of course was responsible for the design, we just helped to implement it. Check out this beautiful and beyond relaxing space!
A low maintenance space was important for this military wife who has a lot to keep up with now that her husband has left to serve some time overseas. There’s plenty of room to play, but only a small patch of grass. And that just happens to be fake grass (the stuff that fancy football fields are made of). Pretty cool, right!
Here’s the outdoor dining area complete with zinc topped table and super cool metal chairs.
Undoubtedly, the most impressive thing in the back yard is this incredible fire pit/water fall feature. So sleek and cool! What a fantastic focal point!
Another thing I really loved was this wall of lanterns that Tim worked on. I imagine when they are lit up at night, it is absolutely gorgeous!
So, did you see the show last night?! Did we look ok?! Did we sound ok?! Did we even talk?! Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to watch it!

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  1. Jordan G.

    I watched it but I had no idea it was the episode you helped with! The main thing I noticed was that the Ellen correspondent was over the top animated, and I wanted her to tone it down a little. The backyard was GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Kirsti @ Living in Lovely LaLaLand

    I saw it! And I totally recognized you and Tim! There were lots of shots of the two of you helping with the interior spaces. No talking that I recall. I was so excited that I paused the show to write on your facebook wall! Ha. But seriously, what a blessing!

  3. laura

    I saw you, working in the bedroom, but didn’t see Tim. I have it DVR’d, so perhaps I’ll go back and watch again. What projects did you help out with? What an exciting time – I’d love to hear more about it!

  4. B2

    It turned out beautiful!! My favorite: Rubber Duckies! I want a water feature now just so I can have them too. <3 your bloggin!

  5. Caitlin Wallace

    I watched it! I think the only time I saw you though was when you were helping put the bed together in the master bedroom. You smiled, but didn’t talk. I wish they would have put you in more of it! I was curious to see what you had helped with! 🙂

  6. tammy

    The whole thing was amazing! I wouldn’t change a thing! How cool that you were able to have this fun opportunity to help out this military family!! WOO HOO! I don’t even know you but I follow your blog and soooo wish I could have been there too! I loved it so much I cried!!

  7. Amanda @ Heart Tree Home

    I just watched it on DVR… I saw you guys helping here and there, but no talking. Ellens assistant took care of the talking 😉 The rooms turned out great and it was such a fantastic family to give a home makeover to!

  8. Kara Paslay

    Wanderingairstream- I didn’t see where they got their chair, but I was able to find the same chair in a different color using google images. Here is the link (Budget was not much of a concern in this outdoor space)


    After seeing your handy work, I am sure you could repurpose something that would look just as good or better and would cost a fraction.


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