DIY Easy Paper Mache Animal Head

DIY Easy Paper Mache Animal Head

Happy Monday Friends!  From the moment I saw these paper mache animal heads from Anthropologie, I wanted one.


I mean, they are soooo cute, right!? At about $75 each though, I never quite felt justified in actually purchasing one.  My thought process was surely I could make one of those on my own for next to nothing.  However, the amount of time to actually create one would end up costing me the same or more in the end.  So, I never took on the project……Until I found this random item at a garage sale.


I thought it was a weird thing to find, but immediately knew I could use it as my base for a quick and easy paper mache project! Later I found out that these heads are used for roping practice…..


You texans and us Okie’s can probably find these really easily, but the rest of you can order these “roping heads” online for less than $20.  Anyway, once I had the base, the rest of the project was supa dupa easy!













It goes like this:

1.Tear up book pages.

2. Soak in Mod Podge.

3. Apply torn and soaked pages to the head. Use a paint brush to smooth the pages down.

4. Repeat until whole head is covered and let dry!

And you’re finished!





I’ll probably go back and add some detailing with black paint, much like the Anthro options, but for now I’m calling this project complete!  And it only cost me a few bucks and about 30 minutes!  Whoop, whoop!

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