DIY- Frameless Mirror Gets Fancy

DIY- Frameless Mirror Gets Fancy

Hey Friends!

Here is a little break down of one of the details that went into the romantic master bedroom that I showed you in the last post! Sometimes, you have those moments when you just can’t seem to find the finishing touch to your space, or you feel like something’s missing. This was the case with the large unframed mirror on the left nightstand (as you can see in the process shot below).


I knew I wanted a gorgeous frame to complete it, but didn’t want to pay the pretty penny. Paint to the rescue!!

I started off with a basic sketch of what I wanted it to look like.


And then charged my amazingly talented intern, Ashley, with completing the piece!

She whipped out the Modern Masters Metallic Gold paint & foam brush and got to work! You could always create a template for yourself, but she went ahead and just free handed it for time sake.



As you can see, there wasn’t full coverage with the first coat. It took several strokes getting it perfected, but it dried rather quickly so Ash said it was easy to work with!





And there you have it! A simple, easy, and inexpensive project to turn a boring mirror into a fabulous, finished piece!  Such a sweet, romantic touch to complete the space, don’t you think!?  Until next time!

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