Today I am breaking down the headboard I created in our dorm room design. Want to know how I made this graphic and glamorous beauty for just $15 in a few hours?!!! Keep reading!


1. Go to your local hardware store and choose a thin piece of of wood. I chose 1/4 in luan that would stain well and be easy to hang. The wood will most likely come in a 4ft x 8ft sheet. I had the the people at Home Depot cut it down to the exact dimensions I wanted before I left.
2. Next I took it home and stained it.
3. To create my shapes, I used painters tape. Of course it is blue, so that had to change. I simply spread the tape out on my excess wood and spray painted it gold.


4. Then, I measured and cut my pieces to create the shape I wanted. Of course, you could create any shape you like.


Instead of spray painting tape you could just buy decorative tape (like the kind pictured below) from CUTE TAPE or one of the many other suppliers online. Pretty cute stuff!


5. To hang the headboard, I simply used industrial strength velcro. To make sure it doesn’t take paint off the wall when you leave- just heat it up with a hair dryer. The adhesive will melt and it will come off clean.
I hope you are inspired to create your own awesome headboard for your dorm room, apartment, or home! If you do, send me photos so I can feature it on the blog!!!

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  1. Kim at Yellow Brick Home

    This is a wonderful idea! Do you think that the blue tape will eventually ever peel up? Perhaps heavier duty tape might stay for the long haul? (duct tape comes to mind!). Just a thought. But love this!

  2. Yuliya

    This looks fantastic, how do you guys come up with this stuff? I wanted to know if you think the tape will hold up over time, especially the cute tape?

  3. Kara Paslay

    Hey Ladies!

    Amanda, the throw pillow came from Pier1.

    Kim and Yuliya- There are different levels of stickiness you can buy of painter’s tape and I think this (the stickiest) will hold up for a while, but I wouldn’t use it for a headboard I was wanting to use for the long haul. In the case that I wanted the piece to last a long time, I think duct tape (but the look might be very industrial) or gaff tape would work. I am not sure about the cute tape because I have never used it. Let me know if you try it out!

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