DIY Ideas From NYC’s Best Design Stores

DIY Ideas From NYC’s Best Design Stores
Today I am sharing some wonderful designs that we saw as we scoured the streets of NYC for design inspiration. We were not disappointed as we found tons of great ideas that were both incredibly intricate as well as do-it-yourself! Now I love seeing both, but today I wanted to share some things that you could easily replicate in your own home! That sounds like fun, right?!
If you pay attention to design trends lately, you have certainly noticed how “in” crystals and geodes are. They are literally everywhere! Below, these gorgeous crystals serve as eye catching wall art when placed in shadow boxes and gathered in a gallery like setting.
Product/Idea found in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
At $350 per piece, I think a DIY version could definitely be cheaper although you might have to really search to find such beautiful crystals!


If you like the look you can easily join the trendsetters and get a few of your own. Earthbound Trading Co., Romancing the Stone, and local bead shops are great places to find these stones and crystals for reasonable prices.

Next, we have an incredible piece of art. The piece below is created entirely out of push pins!
I couldn’t get a close-up because the piece was to high, but I think you can see how simple but time consuming this could be. Of course this idea could be customized and completely personalized! 🙂
The idea below is a great way to display special photos or keepsakes in a different way. Frames are pretty predictable but this is wonderfully unique! I think I may display some of our WWII finds like this!
Idea found in ABC Carpet and Home.
You have to be a bit more artsy and daring to use this next idea in your home.
Idea found in ABC Carpet and Home.
A number of circular pieces are bound together with a ratcheting straps. I’m not sure what these circular pieces are made of, but you could use cardboard foundation tubes. What a lovely sculptural piece!
Short on cash and need some furniture asap? How about ratcheting a bunch of wooden logs together for a rustic and super functional addition to your space!
Product/Idea found in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
Want to jazz up a lampshade? Anthro used paint stirring sticks to create something unique and most likely free!
You saw this mirror a few posts ago, but I thought I would highlight it again because this look is totally attainable with a bit of rope and some hot glue.
Picture 16
Product found at Haus Interior.
Aren’t those some great ideas!? Very rarely do I take an idea I see and copy it directly. But I love to see other’s creativity and use that as inspiration to come up something that may be similar but has my own personal twist to it. After all, when you are designing your home it’s all about being surrounded by things that speak to who you are! 🙂
‘Til tomorrow!

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  1. ashleystringham

    I worked for the artist who does the crystal artwork that you posted. You’re right, anyone would be hard pressed to find formations as beautiful as this, not to mention being able to frame and mat the artwork as meticulously as he. The artist’s name is Christopher Marley, I used to work for him in his gallery in Oregon. I highly recommend checking him out!

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