DIY Marquee Letter

DIY Marquee Letter

Happy Friday!  Today I am posting a project that I worked on for a teenage girl’s room.  The young lady I was designing for has a dream to be an actress, so of course I wanted her room to reflect that!  I thought what better way to help Katie shoot for the stars than to see her “name (or a least her initial) in lights” everyday!  So, I decided I would DIY her a glowing marquee letter “K.”


Fun, right!?  The process was pretty easy, it just took a little time.  So, here’s what you do:

1. Draw your letter out on foam core.
2. Cut it out with a sharp exacto knife.
3. Use a large drill bit to create the holes that your light bulb will go through. (Remember to space these out evenly.  You will have to do some math here. 🙁


4. Cut up 4 in. (or so) strips of heavy duty poster board. My “K” took 4 strips.
5. Mark a line down the center of your strips.


6. Place hot glue around the edge of your letter and place the poster board strips onto the foam core essentially outlining your letter.  Use the center line you drew to make sure you are keeping the same amount of poster board on each side of your letter.



7. Once your poster board has been secured around the letter’s edges with the hot glue, use paintable caulk and run a bead on the front and back of the letter where the poster board and the foam core meet. This will further secure the piece and make it more durable.
8. Once your caulk has dried, spray paint the piece your desired color. I chose a high gloss paint to make sure the surface was easy to clean- plus it reflects the light more!
9. Last, screw your lights in place.  I used these “Room Essentials” clear globe lights from Target.



I took a couple photos with the lights off just so you could see what that looks like. . .



But it looks way better when it’s all lit up.  The problem is, it’s really hard to photograph with the lights on.  I took a bunch of pics to try to give you an idea of what it looks like in person.  None of these are quite right, but I guess it will give you some idea of what you can expect.





So, what do you think!?  I hope this “K” helps to keep Katie’s eye on the prize. And I think one day we will see her name in lights!

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  1. Juliane

    Great! I might try a E for my family’s last name! Definitely something a little kid would love too. Picking just the right decor and wall art for a room is key. What a unique idea!

  2. Lisa Johnson

    This is one of those great ideas that makes my mind leap to other potential ideas. Love it!

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