DIY Vintage Spice Rack

DIY Vintage Spice Rack

Hey Friends!  Well today I was supposed to show off some of the design we did for ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss…but it seems that I got some wrong info and I am not allowed to post the pictures until the show airs.  I actually figured that would be the rule from the beginning, but I’m still bummed that I can’t share the photos for a whole year!!!  These transformations take time y’all!

So, today we are switching gears and I’m going to show you a quick, fun, and functional accessory to add to your kitchen! The best designs have those incredible WOW factors as well as those thoughtful, shall we say adorable, smaller moments!

You can find spices in every kitchen in America…but how they are stored, well there are all sorts of options.  Lots of people keep spices in drawers or behind cabinet doors, but I love to use the saturated colors of spices to add warmth and charm to a kitchen!  Spices stored out in the open can go a long way  in making a space feel homey!

You can buy all sorts spice racks off the shelf at different home goods stores, but I wanted this particular spice rack to have a little more charm!

So, I started with these circular metal canisters (I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond).  I know, I know- not looking too original yet…


But then I brought in a vintage double cola crate (found mine at a flea market, you can also get them on ebay)…


Those squares made for holding coke bottles are the perfect size to hold those cute metal canisters as well!



I love that this spice rack has a little bit of vintage flair and keeps those gorgeous colors in full view!  Not your cup of tea?!  The options for DIY spice racks are endless- keep looking! 🙂

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  1. Jesse

    I love this! I’ve never heard of double cola, how cool! I’ve used two coke crates as spice racks for years, and for the longest time I used some jars I ordered from a company, but labeling was an issue. Well lucky me – I recently noticed that mortar & basset (I think) spice company uses the same jars, and are nicely labeled! The names are printed on the glass in plain white, and it even has the name on the cap. They aren’t as cheap, but I’ll slowly collect. Your canisters look great, I wish I would have thought of that! Word of warning – I got a ton of comments and mine and so many people were like “oh the light will ruin the spices!” but, I don’t think it has…

    Great work!


  2. Sunnie

    I love this idea! I have an old pop crate on my kitchen wall with some antique kitchen tools and an old cookbook in it. Now I just may need to look for one with the dividers so I can make one of these!

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