DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard

DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard

Happy Thursday!  Today I am going to cover one headboard idea we gave during our segment with our local Fox station last week.  It’s one my favorites!

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 8.44.29 AM

You see, I’ve always loved this headboard from West Elm. . .

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 8.53.04 AM

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 8.52.28 AM

And when I saw this rubber door mat at Target. . .


I knew I had found the perfect piece to DIY my own version of the West Elm headboard with ease!

door mats

Here are the quick, easy instructions.

1. Paint the mats (spray paint works best).
2. Cut a piece of plywood the size you want your headboard to be.  Remember to take the size of the mats into account as well.  Two mats side by side make the perfect width for a queen size bed.
3. Paint or stain the plywood.  If you want the piece to look more like the West Elm version, paint the plywood the same color as the wall so it looks as if there is no backing.
4. Attach your mats to the plywood.  We used a finish nailer.
5. Trim out the piece to finish things off!


Not bad, right! 🙂 Our queen size version was less than $100! Compare that to the $400 queen size from West Elm and we’ve just saved $300!!!

Anybody out there rather just buy one?  We’re selling this one for $200, e-mail me if you’re interested! 🙂  ‘Til tomorrow!

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  1. Crystal @ 29 Rue House

    what a cool idea! we toyed with the idea of drawing the morrocan design on a piece of plywood and then cutting it out piece by piece with a jigsaw. we ended not doing any headboard right now but i love your version!

  2. nadia

    Wow!!! I love the way your mind thinks! Such a clever way to transform the use of an everyday item into something beautiful….inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mary Nickels

    Pure Crazy Beautiful! I don’t have a finish nailer. Does that help the nails not show? Without it, what would you suggest for nails. It looks like you actually used 4 mats. Maybe two would be two short behind a queen size bed? Thanks for any questions you can clarify!

  4. Anonymous

    Love this so much! And you’re not limited w/ squares, you could use some of the rounder or oval shapes too I bet. You really are one of the most creative DIY’er out there!

  5. stacy

    This post is awesome! I love reading practical, DIY ideas! If I hadn’t already purchased a guest bed from a garage sale, this would have totally been in our house!

  6. Ashlea

    Love this idea – I have been wanting to do a DIY headboard for a while now and I think this is the design I’m going to go with. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  7. Eden Fantasys

    I know she has already made an appearance in today s list, but Kara Paslay Designs sure has a knack for DIY headboards! This incredible West Elm inspired Moroccan headboard was made using four rubber door mats, painted plywood, and trim. Why stop your headboard at few feet above the bed or at the top of the wall for that matter? Our next DIY headboard, by House To Home and LivingEtc, takes reclaimed wood all the way onto the ceiling to form a sort of visual canopy for the bed. Add a few vases and greenery to truly bring the feel of nature indoors.

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