DIY Zebra Hide

DIY Zebra Hide

This is a PSA- No adorable baby zebras were harmed in the making of this project! ūüėȬ†

So, yesterday we talked about animal prints being a great way to elevate a space through¬†natural texture and pattern! ¬†Recently I felt like a little bit of zebra was exactly what a couple of my spaces needed. ¬†I searched for a smaller hide that I wanted to drape over the back of a chair and use as a table runner. ¬†PS- Don’t think about the fact that a smaller hide means it came from a baby zebra ūüôĀ

Anyway, I couldn’t find a baby zebra hide, so I decided to take matters into my own hands‚Ķ..African safari- here I come!!!‚Ķ..Oh my goodness, I’m just joking! ¬†I could never shoot a baby zebra! Instead I decided to visit my local leather supplier. ¬†I always get really inspired when I go there. ¬†So many fun options‚Ķ.


I ended up taking these selections home with me….


Next, it was time to do my recreating God’s artistry. ¬†I took the white leather I bought and cut it into a “hide-like” shape. ¬†Then I googled zebra hide and did my best¬†to draw what I saw.


I wasn’t sure what was going to be the best medium to use on the leather. ¬†First I tried acrylic paint. ¬†It worked ok, but didn’t give me the crisp lines I wanted. ¬†Then, believe it or not I tried a trusty sharpie. ¬†The sharpie worked at first, but soon had trouble keeping up. ¬†Finally, I gave Marks-a-lot a try. ¬†That was the ticket! ¬†It worked and kept working, gave me clean lines, and was really fast!


Here’s how the piece looked before I filled in all the stripes. ¬†Now is a good time to mention that sometimes you need to have a little perseverance with projects. ¬†At this point I was thinking, “Ugg, this really isn’t looking how I hoped it would.”

But then I began to fill the stripes in and I started to see things come together….


So I settled in, turned on my “Country Pop” Pandora station, and thanked God that sometimes my job involves¬†my favorite preschool pastime (coloring that is).

Here’s how the piece looked in the two spaces that called for a little animal print goodness‚Ķ..




And the best part‚Ķ‚Ķ..all the baby zebras are safe and sound! ūüėČ


‘Til tomorrow!

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  1. Jolene

    Love that you just take things into your own hands when you can’t find what you want!

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