Following Dreams and Tim’s First Prototype

Following Dreams and Tim’s First Prototype
Have I mentioned what a lucky lady I am to have the husband I do? A couple of years ago when I was trying to figure out how to follow my dreams of being a designer, my sweet husband took a job working for a construction company fabricating countertops. He sanded for hours a day.
Tim graduated from college with a bio-chemistry degree and I know that the mind numbing work of sanding by himself was torture for him. He enjoys being around people so much he would listen to NPR just to hear people talk. Tim took the job to gain construction knowledge to renovate our house, but he also took the job so that we could have a source of income while I figured out how to start a business. He sacrificed greatly for me and I will ALWAYS be grateful.
The other day Tim asked me where I thought I would be if I were single. I responded by saying “Probably working in an athletic field (personal trainer, coach, ect) because I would have had to worry about supporting myself rather than following my dreams.” Tim responded with a funny comment and then said, “And now you are supporting our family while I’m following my dreams (to be a furniture designer).” Hearing him say that made my year. I love that we are able to actively help each other to achieve whatever it is that we have in our hearts. Thank you Jesus for my marriage.
Now all that back story was to introduce Tim’s first prototype in the furniture line he wants to eventually launch! There may or may not be changes to it before the official launch, but either way we are super excited to share it with you. Tim’s aesthetic leans towards a very modern and contemporary look with a masculine feel. Take a look!








Won’t you lend Tim some love and leave him a comment?!!!

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  1. Prashanti :)

    You both are really lucky to have each other and even luckier because you realise how lucky you are to have each other. The prototype looks amazing. The combination of the sleek glass and the rustic legs is awesome !! Congratulations, Tim !!

  2. Lindsay

    Wow, there is real talent here! Way to go to both of you following your dreams. Make that glass wood instead and I’d be begging to buy it. Beautiful either way!

  3. cami

    Um…. That ROCKS!!!! Also.. what would it take to purchase it? Actually to purchase 2 and commission him to create the same look on a coffee table? I live in MN, so it might be a shipping nightmare, but I’d at least like to know if it’s an option. I’m a design hobbyist who happens to be re-designing a service center (oil change building). The objective is to create a WOW factor in the lobby. I’m doing concrete table tops for work spaces and keeping a modern, edgy – masculine feel. This would really add a little more WOW! Please email when you get a chance.


  4. Kelly

    Very, very cool. Love the dark smoky glass and the patina metal and the exposed joints…please do post when items are for sale ( I hope I can afford them!)

    Love the heartfelt and inspirational story too….

  5. Single Stone Studios

    I love Tim’s table (and your story!!) His table is very modern, industrial loft – we’re currently remodeling our house with a bit of that style in it. His table would look fab next to my couch 😉

    I loved reading your story. My husband and I started a company 3 yrs ago completely on faith after being jobless for 18 mos. God showed up in the biggest way we’ve ever seen him and it’s been amazing ever since!

  6. Ely Hasrul

    if papi (my hubby) see this he would say ‘b, there’s exactly the design that u go for’ haha love it! i love design that shows modern, neat and masculine. congrats Tim!

  7. Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys

    Seriously, I’m such a huge fan of his pieces. the couple ones I’ve seen I just love! I wish we lived closer and could commission Tim to make a much longer version of the shelf he made for The Lamp office. If yall ever take a business road trip to South FL, feel free to let me know.

    Way to go, Tim! Your creations keep blowing our minds!

  8. Aunt Lela

    That’s my awsome nephew and niece. We are so luck to have y’all. The Piece is great. Keep following your dreams!!!!

  9. Tim Paslay

    Thanks for all the kind words. You all have insured that as soon as I have another prototype complete I will be sending it Kara’s way to get your feedback. I know glass and steel isn’t everyone’s favorite so I am working on some alternate shelf options. Be sure to check back in to check them out.

    Thanks and send me warm thoughts to melt this dumb snow. I am over it.

  10. Kelsey

    I love it! I’m not huge on the glass…have lots of little ones=constant fingerprints…, but love the rustic metal. Although together they look perfect. Can’t wait to see what else you create. Have always coveted your cement table tops too.

  11. Paslay 3

    Just getting caught up on the blog. Love this post and love Tim’s furniture. Go, Tim! You both are so talented and can’t wait to see where God takes it!

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