From the Runway to Your Room

From the Runway to Your Room

As I’m sure you’ve heard, interiors generally follow fashion as far as trends go.  Although I never base my designs solely on what’s trendy at the moment, elements from the fashion world definitely work themselves into my spaces.  For example, this summer, I started to really love the sunglasses with the mirrored tint.  You know, these guys……



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Definitely my style!  And after a bit of time loving this look as part of my wardrobe, I started to consider the idea of “colored” mirror and how to work it into my designs.  Such a fun look and a definite statement!  I scoured the internet, searched stores, and called glass shops to try and figure out how I could get my hands on some for my next project.  This proved to be quite a task!!! My search came up empty and the guys at the glass stores looked at me like I was crazy (why do they always do that!!??).  I finally figured out how to make my tinted mirror dreams come true and I’ll fill you in on that in the coming weeks.  But for now, here’s how my fashion tendencies made their way into Cal’s room…..



A giant tinted green mirror feature wall opens gives this room crazy cool style and tons of texture!


Are you as big of a fan of the tinted mirror look as I am?!  If so, I have great news!  You’ll have the opportunity to win your very own KPD piece very soon! Stay tuned y’all! 😉

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