Fru Fru and Frilly Set- Mother Nature’s House

Fru Fru and Frilly Set- Mother Nature’s House

The whole idea of this project was to make this space look like Mother Nature’s home. To me that meant I needed tons of plants, floral motifs, natural finishes, soft touches, feminine features, and frilly accents. The ad agency was clear on the fact that they wanted lots of pink, some sort of dining chair covers, and a collected dinnerware feel among other things. So, here’s how it turned out.






There are many things that you do for a production set that you would never do in real life- flanking a dining chair with free floating plants being one of them (see above)! J In pictures this looks a little silly, but on camera these plants don’t seem strange and they play an important role in the commercial (hopefully I can post a video of the commercial later so you can see what I mean).

When you are dressing a table for a special event remember that adding a bunch of layers will serve to add interest and create a beautiful setting. For this table setting the ad agency wanted to have vintage/collected pieces but didn’t want everything as a whole to look too old. I achieved a nice balance by pairing vintage tea cups and hankies (which I used as napkins) with plates that boasted a more comtemporary floral pattern. I also used bright colors to keep the setting from feeling too old. Adding tons of bright, yummy food also gave the set up a very fresh feel.

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