Well, I don’t know that I have any college-aged guy readers out there (except for my brother, Ryan!!! Hey Brother- LOVE YOU!!!!!) Ok, now that he is throughly embarrassed I can get back to my post. If you know any boys who’s rooms need decorating, please feel free to refer them to this post- or you can take it upon yourself to get their space in working order!!

This is the side of the dorm room that Tim took on. And I think he did a pretty great job!


Check out the BEFORE below.


All the ideas on this side of the room were easy, fast, and cheap. PERFECT for a dude’s dorm room. The first thing Tim did was hang the flag above the bed to create an instant focal point. Having it go all the way to the ceiling draws your eye up and makes the room feel bigger.

PLEASE NOTE: In our video you may have noticed the flag was inadvertently hung wrong (we Photoshopped this pic to fix our error). Please know that we meant no disrespect by this. We believe our vets deserve our utmost respect. We are amazed by and thankful for their sacrifice each and every day! We LOVE our country and our mistake was a simple lack of knowledge. Please forgive our ignorance!
Because of this mistake I have come to learn that the flag should always be hung with the stars in the position of highest honor. So if the flag is hung in a stationary position (like above) the stars should be in the top left, even if the flag is hung horizontally or vertically. If the flag is on something that is moving, a car or uniform, the stars should be towards the front. That is why the flag looks “backwards” on the right arm of army uniforms. This seems pretty straight forward. Wish I would have known sooner.
Next Tim created stripes on the run-of-the-mill furniture to give it a little personality. It literally took him no more than 10 minutes.

Under the bed, all sorts of stuff is stored in vintage suitcases that really add character to the space.
You may recognize this “wood” rug from our entry way- Tim needed something to break up all that blueish carpet. The rug worked really well. Tim also had the idea of cutting out your university’s logo to show off school spirit instead of this more exotic and time consuming pattern.

Adding a stylish desk chair and custom accessories really made this space feel personal.


These magnetic strips are actually just flashing from the home improvement store. I hung it with velcro and it’s total cost was only $10. In previous comments, someone asked if this would be safe for a kid’s space. Personally I think it would be just fine, but I would recommend going to the store and checking out the edges for yourself.

It’s always great to decorate with things that tell a story about who you are. By hanging hats and a high school number on the wall you can have high function combined with high style!

Didn’t Tim do a great job!!? Let’s break down his budget!
FLAG- $20
“WOOD” RUG- $20 and a whole lot of time
And of course this number could go way down by replacing our brand new lamp, mirror, and art with something from the thrift store!

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  1. Anonymous

    Kara, I want to let you know, Lowe’s had to do an apology after it had cover art and an interior article in the Memorial Day Creative Ideas magazine with the flag hung incorrectly. Unfortunately it happens. Rarely will you see it correct in a movie or TV shows. I will admit I am not a fan of using it as a headboard (I don’t like stuff laying on the flag) in this room but the room design does look nice. My point in all of this is to suggest that maybe in your correction note about the change you made, explain what makes the flag hang correctly. I am sorry if people made you feel disrespectful for this common mistake. But educating is the best way to correct it. To hang the flag vertically, correctly, is counter-intuitive to what most people would do.

  2. Tim Paslay

    The timing of your comment is funny. Just a couple of days ago I was wondering why the flag on army uniforms appears “backwards.” The article did a great job of explaining and making it easy to understand how the flag should be displayed and the reasoning. Thanks for reminding of this, I will make an addition to the post.

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