How To. . . Hang a Headboard

How To. . . Hang a Headboard

I’ve had a couple people ask how I go about hanging headboards so I thought I would dedicate a post to the subject. There are a number of ways to hang a headboard but here are two of the easiest ways that I have photos for.

#1- If you build your own headboard you can make it tall enough that it sits on the floor and then you simply screw all the way through it (in areas that will be covered by the mattress or under the bed) into studs in the wall.
You can learn how to make this rustic and glamorous headboard here.
#2- Another way to hang a headboard is by creating stilts. You simply screw the stilts (2×4’s) to the back of the headboard, place the headboard/stilts against the wall, and then screw straight through the stilts into the wall. Make sure you screw into studs to make sure the headboard is secure. You will want to figure our where the studs are before you attach the stilts to the headboard to make sure they are in the right place.
#3- I don’t have any photos for this option, but hopefully you can get the idea. If you have a metal bedframe, position your headboard in place (against the bedframe), and drill a hole through the opening in the metal frame and through the headboard. Then, put a bolt through both holes and use a nut to secure the pieces together.
There you have it, three easy ways to hang your headboard!
I completed a master bedroom makeover this weekend and I am so excited to share it with you this week! Stay tuned!

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