When it comes to life and design Tim and I truly are a team. Almost every project is a collaboration and we feel very blessed that we get to work together almost every day! At least most of the time we feel very blessed! 🙂 Anyway, Tim is a behind the scenes type of guy and is always content with me getting all the credit. However, his talents are beyond amazing and I am going to take most of the week to highlight his incredible abilities!!!! Today we will start with this fabulous concrete table Tim poured for Mrs. Ashley Ann!



Tim is a quick learner. His first experience with poured concrete occurred when we poured concrete countertops for our very own kitchen. After a whole lot of research he felt confident enough to take the plunge and give it a try. Things weren’t perfect, but none the less we loved the results. Since then, Tim has learned SO much about concrete and really he is no longer a DIYer but a bona-fide professional!

And apparently he is VERY entertaining to little ones. But we already knew Tim was easy to watch! (If you haven’t seen it already- you have to check out Tim’s Design Star Audition video!)



Take a look at this transformation!!! Not only is the new concrete tabletop more functional for a family with four kids, but the beautiful natural gray color pops off the warm wood floor!


All photos courtesy of Ashley Ann Photography

Next time I will feature a fantastic piece of furniture Tim built complete with mood lighting!! Get excited!

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  1. Tricia

    Hi there. I am new here and I have spent the last hour pouring over your archives. You and your husband are both very talented. I found so much inspiration.


  2. Kaci

    Just added you on the reader! Any chance we can get a tutorial on this table?? Or even concrete countertops?


  3. Kaela

    Amazing – I want to move into this kitchen. Please tell the family not to worry, I’ll just sleep under the table!

  4. Anke

    Hi there! You’ve created such a lovely looking table! I also wanted to see the video as I thought that could be more of a ‘tutorial’ for myself, as I would love and try to undertake something like this and learn from the experienced ones.. but when I hit the link for the video it goes dead end. Is there another location where I could find this? Love from Belgium.

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