Inspired Reader Creations and an Upcoming DIY

Inspired Reader Creations and an Upcoming DIY
Today I am sharing a couple of creations that readers have taken on after being inspired by this blog. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, knowing that I’ve inspired others to take on projects and get creative makes me sooooo happy. Please continue to send in photos!

The first project is more fish scale art by Bang Bang! See my original version here.

I really like how textural this piece is, a little more so than my version. Tip- the lighter weight the paper is, the more the paint will soak in and create the crinkle/texture.
Sunnie e-mailed me earlier this week and said,
“As soon as I saw your book page wallpaper tutorial on Apartment Therapy, I knew I needed to try it. There is a wall I had been wanting to do something special with and most of the wallpapers I loved were out of our budget. So, after reading your tutorial, I headed to our local antique mall and picked up a set of encyclopedias from 1891 and used the pages to create a
unique piece of wall art.
I love Sunnie’s idea of using old encyclopedias! The illustrations add such a fun and interesting element! You can see my original book page wallpaper here.
Thanks for sharing your wall with us Sunnie!
Lastly, today I wanted to share a photo with you that I found on Mix and Chic. I’ve been doing a lot of digging on African culture and ways I can celebrate it in design. The moment I saw the tribal feather headdresses- known as Juju Hats, I knew I wanted to make one.
Isn’t that just gorgeous! These hats come in all sorts of beautiful, vibrant colors. It’s definitely on my “To Do” list! 🙂
Speaking of DIY’s, I know you guys are probably itching for a good one! Stay tuned, I’ve got one for you next week!

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  1. Kara Paslay

    Great! Thanks for taking the time to read Jess and Jake! So excited to have you on board as a new follower! Love the “LOVE” art you created over on your blog too!

  2. AlliT

    One of my girlfriends made me a hot pink juju for my birthday last year… It is amazing!! She used a large foam wreath with fabric stretched all across it and glued down, then hand glued each individual feather. It looks so pretty hanging on my wall… Best birthday gift ever!!

  3. Kara Paslay

    Well thanks Jill! I know, we have a few projects in the works and I keep getting really antsy to share them! I hoping readers will hold on until I can finish up few things!

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