Inspiring Art Installation- Dandelions

Inspiring Art Installation- Dandelions
Today’s post is short and sweet. I simply want to share 2 photos of an art installation that is incredibly inspiring to me! The installation was completed by artist Regine Ramseier. It is made of real dandelions and it is amazing!
Photos found via NotCot on Colossal
Isn’t that absolutely gorgeous!? I’m totally inspired!

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  1. Laurajean

    This is wonderful how I’d love to be a little girl twirling around beneath these wild flowers! However I must admit the lame side of me stifling a sneeze!

  2. Tim Paslay

    Sorry it took us a bit, but we did check out Anna’s installation. That is awesome. We could never be responsible for that many flowers, if we even have thumbs they are black instead of green.

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